The Matrix: Resurrections

The most anticipated movie of the year and the worst thing ever happened to Matrix franchise!

The most anticipated movie of the year and the biggest dismay! The film didn’t gross big box office and, thus we probably should not expect the sequel. Nevertheless, I believe it was so disgusting, that on production stage someone should have thrown the script into the bin and burn it there and never-ever remember of it again. I understand that you might have heed to your friend’s advice and hasn’t watched this pile of shit, but let me tell you what I (and perhaps all the other viewers) disliked about this movie. Everything in-a-nutshell, hence it’s hard to determine the main thing. So instead I’ll start with this statement, which I consider absolutely right: “It’s unconceivable that author of the original trilogy has filmed that.” If no one would have told that it’s written by Lana Wachowski, I would have thought that it’s fan-made.
Before going “deep”, a few words about the plot. SPOILERS ALERT! I would tell you the gist, without interrupting on some tiny bits, so you can follow along. Movie starts pretty much like the first one has, literally, at the same place. (Not with the same “people” though). Sometime after the third movie has passed and Neo became John Wick. But instead of beating the shit out of the Santino de Antonio, he works as an executive programmer and is a creator of a game, which is called “The Matrix”, who would have thought… He eats tablets (Blue ones! Like in the first three movies, you do remember, don’t you, yes, yes?! This is one of many Easter eggs to the trilogy…) as he breathes and sometimes he sees visions about his past or present. It occurs, because his nature fights the Matrix system, which is changing his memories (mostly). And also, here’s a tiny morsel: every time Neo dies (he sometimes jumps of the buildings or when people from Zion trying to return him back and he, as a result, dies) Matrix is reloaded!!! Here’s also a new Architect (Neil Patrick Harris), who created new version of Matrix, which underpins on “connection between Neo and Trinity”. Understand that as you wish. (I really didn’t get it). And then, main heroes from Zion free Neo, then Trinity (wasn’t so hard, actually); Trinity becomes new “The Chosen One”, somehow. “Finite la commedia”. And by the way, authors some kind of, perhaps, sort of, well, at the very least they tried, explained, why Smith is no longer Elrond, Morpheus is no longer Fishburne, you would never guess – because Neo wrote a modality in his game. That’s it.
Now, we made ourselves familiar with the plot, let’s focus on the most important points.
First of all, this “modality”, I’ve no idea, from where it came from and why it exists if not to explain the change in cast. They’re telling that as it was explained in the previous chapters. Although there’s one guess, modality comes from the module as an external part of something (in that case, “The Matrix”). At least this theory explains, why Morpheus and Smith appear are not the same as they were before. This is the most horrible part of the movie. Absolutely devoid of logic and movie is shot through with it!
However, let’s move on… This whole Trinity-Neo-bond-thing… Their bond is so strong, that they can act as a “copperhead” for the whole Matrix. But that idea isn’t necessary. In other words, the aim of machines in first trilogy was not to conquer, but to have an alliance with the people. (I won’t go into deep there, as it would mean two more pages, explaining all “whys” and “hows”.) So, this aim was achieved in the third movie, and code of the alliance have been injected in all the people. And now, here we go again… I would not even say, that this whole idea with the “BOND” is something, but a crap. In the original trilogy, powers were given by the Oracle, so that Neo would believe in himself as a saviour and The Chosen One.
There’re many more things to be discussed, but it’s really hard to write this review, so I would end that just with the warning and advice. No matter how bad was your longing for this movie and for the sequel to the famous “The Matrix”, with “The Matrix 4: Resurrections”, you better save your money, mood, nachos and most importantly, time.