No Time To Die

Absolutely disgusting: as befit the 21st century cinematography.

Folks argue, which time was the best for “Bondiana”, some people keep their faith to the old-school Bond, Sir Sean Connery’s Bond, all-time classic, pure British Spy; others are fans of the Daniel Craig’s Bond, saying that he’s the one and only James Bond, 007 and thirds haven’t seen a sole James Bond movie. But I believe time has come for all of us to unite and estimate, how great is the last Craig’s movie and is it worth successor of our beloved Sir Sean Connery.

A couple words about the plot… The film starts with truly outstanding shots, I mean it. They’re nice and saturate, white snow and yellow house, rhubarb blood. It’s a great pleasure to watch, especially in the cinema. Unfortunately, the work of cameramen, is the only remarkable (in a good way) thing in the movie. All right, to be fair the play of Benoit Blanc, Voldemort, Freddie Mercury, Marta Cabrera, Hans Landa is exquisite. Absolutely fascinating, unlike play of the new 007, whose performance is utterly unconvincing, which I consider as a cruelty on behalf of the authors. So, back to the plot, retired Bond comes back to locate the most-ultima-super-doper-great virus, which can be encoded to kill specific person. By the way, new 007 is black, as befit 21st century. (We’re no racists, but here it’s clear, that black woman is only because of the quotas.) Anyway, Bond finds out the refuge of the villain (played by Rami Malik), comes there, kills him, but dies himself. (Oopsie…).

Probably would be great to start with the biggest dismay: the arc of the new 007. There isn’t one… This character can easily be disposed of and literally nothing would change. Authors didn’t even try! For instance, this laughably stupid scene in the woods. Where has she been?! So many things have happened, the main villain have arrived and taken the Bond’s girlfriend and her daughter, Bond has killed a bulk of people, but the new 007 is not there and only at morning she appears. What the hell?

It isn’t even worth saying how stupid and simple and overused is the idea of some ultra-virus… Why it couldn’t be some sort of a terrorist organization, which is conceivable. Because ultra-viruses and weapons, which can do/kill everything are mostly bad for any movie, as they would necessarily create some “plot holes”. Additionally, the lack of common sense is exhibited in acts of the villain. He has the virus and wants to kill Bond, but doesn’t do that, we he has a chance, overall the standard antagonist nowadays.

            But, everything, excluding the premise, is great. Work of VFX-artists, music (except the one in the beginning, really dislike Eilish) and cast is outstanding. So, concluding this review, “No Time To Die” is the worst movie amongst all Bond-series, although it’s remarkably better than most of the nowadays franchise movies, Fast and Furious 9, for example.