Despite an outstanding work of VFX artists and a great soundtrack, “Dune” never gets out of the shadow of its weak plot and appalling premise

Despite an outstanding work of VFX artists and a great soundtrack, seemed to me that only one for the whole movie, but still great, “Dune” never gets out of the shadow of its weak plot and appalling premise. It doesn’t matter how bad was your longing for the spectacular fantasy-movie based on childhoods favourite book by Frank Herbert: with “Dune”, you’re better off saving your money, nachos and, most importantly, time. Dune’s biggest flaw is lack of just common sense and even a tiny bit of logic, which makes you question literally every movie episode: why don’t they (Atreides) search the woman, who brought the knife with her, but then prevent even the attempt to approach to the king?! (In the second case it was the trustful person by the way). How can a single doctor disarm all military sector of one of the most advanced empires in the galaxy?! And so on…  “Dune” is another attempt to bring to life all-time classic “Dune” written by Frank Herbert and attempt disastrous, unfortunately. As it is not clear, for whom this movie was filmed.

                Dune immerses viewer in a Galactic empire, which is 10, 000 years and has established, so called empires or kingdoms, as they have ruling dynasty. Atreides, Harkonnens, Sardaukars and something that called an Empire, the only thing that was implicated in the film, is that it’s stronger than all these dynasties, when they’re apart from each other, but weaker if they unite. Experienced viewers might notice that is some kind of feudalism. And Empire, in order to weaken Atreides, sent them to another planet to live, where everything is broken or taken, so extremely conditions. After a little while, weakened Atreides are attacked by Harkonnens with Sadaukars mercs and are destroyed by them. Only Paul and Lady Jessica Atreides manage to escape. Speaking about casting and VFX and soundtrack, so anything regarding technical affairs, is brilliant and fully immerses you into the movie. The only thing that “hammers” the eye is body of Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides) – he doesn’t seem as a boy, who was trained every day since he was 4 years old. He’s so scrawny, that I believe light passes through him.

                The main problem of the film is that it is not clear for whom it was filmed. There’re multiple “curtseys” to the book, fight scenes, for instance, but they’re so tiny, that would not grasp attention of a fan. On the other hand, if it is a movie not for fans only, there’s a massive devoid of logic. It’s important to mention, that many of those questions can be “applied” to the book also. Questions, which were mentioned above. Furthermore, there’re also simple ones, for example: “Why they do not have special tools or devices to control the relocations of the Worm (they’ve not been destroyed, they just do not have them, only binoculars). “Why, if worms are so sensitive to the vibration of the earth, (that can sense steps of a 70-kilo in a huge desert!), people just don’t explode something in a desert so, worm will die? (Or explode something when it (worm) appears on a surface, so people can see him). And the whole view, despite of the spectacular VFX, is shot through with these questions, which worsen the experience.

                Because of that devoid of logic, which could be used as a slogan of this movie, it’s impossible to relate to the characters! Hence movie isn’t interesting to watch and you regret of your time and money, which were spent on this.